HEPA Bag In/Bag Out


HEPA Bag-in/Bag-out (BIBO) Housings keep hazardous airborne materials from exiting air filtration systems. Units are constructed out of heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel and the pressure boundaries are 100% seal welded for operational pressures up to +/-20” WG. Utilizes an 8-Mil PVC Bag in Bag Out system to keep personnel safe during filter change outs.

Gas Phase Carbon Filter

Frames & Housings

The Carbon Filter Housings strength and versatility make it ideal for multiple applications for the removal of particles and gas-phase contaminants. The multistage design allows for 2” or 4” pleated pre-filters and ¾” refillable carbon trays.  

Crank Lock HEPA Seal 

Frames & Housings

The Crank Lock HEPA Seal units utilize a crank lock design to provide a consistent compression over the entire HEPA filter gasket assuring a leak free seal. The multi-stage housing can hold HEPA Filters in 99.97% and 99.99% efficiency with either a gasket or fluid seal.

Side/Bottom Access Filter

Frames & Housings

Side or bottom access filter housings come in single or multiple stages of filtration. Housings are rated to =/- 6” WG and 0.5” leakage at 125% of standard rated flow.

V-Bank Filter

Frames & Housings

V-Bank filter housing allows for improved filtration in limited spaces, the design allows for close to double the filter face area compared to standard filter housings. This increases the life of the filter as well as reduces pressure drop, saving maintenance time and energy costs.